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Patience (from fr. Patience) is a type of card logic games, which implies the presence of the one who decided to play it, such as patience.
The origin of solitaire is still unknown.
Some researchers believe that solitaire first appeared in France in the XVII century. with Louis XIII in prison for spending time in prison. Because of this, most solitaire is likely to have in their name the names of famous figures of that era. Soon, solitaire games gained popularity among the nobles.
It is believed that solitaire was invented by the French mathematician Pelisson in order to entertain King Louis XIV.
At the same time, there is a theory that solitaire originated in Scandinavia and the rest in Germany.
The first documented mention of solitaire is in the German anthology of games in 1783, and it is believed that two people first had to play solitaire, but then it became a one-person game.
During the reign of Napoleon, the first rules of the game of solitaire appeared, which further increased its popularity and the number of new varieties. Solitaire worshiped many famous historical figures, including the noted Queen Mary Antoinette, Madame Recamier, and even Napoleon himself.
In those days, solitaire was used as a divination, namely: if solitaire happened, then what was intended will happen. Imagine the power of solitaire at the time! And today, they are not losing their popularity and remain one of their favorite games.
There are very simple solitaire games for you that add up to a few minutes, but there are also some examples that require real patience and several hours of time, which make them even more attractive and exciting, as well as developing patience, attention and logical thinking for the player.