Algerian Patience Solitaire


The aim: Arrange all same suits on 4 foundations in ascending order. Example: 9♠,10♠,J♠,Q♠,K♠,A♠,2♠,3♠,4♠,5♠,6♠,7♠,8♠.
Foundations (Top Right 4 places): Then a card is placed in the first of the four foundations. This card will be the first card of that foundation and all other cards with the same rank should be placed at the other three foundations.
Reserve (Middle 7 places): One top card can be moved.
Cascades (7 places): Tableau piles can be built down by alternate colors, and partial or complete piles can be moved if they are built down by alternate colors also (Example: 3,2♠,A,K♠,Q). Any gaps are filled in by any suit card a rank lower than the first card of the foundation. For instance, if the first card of each foundation is a 10, gaps are only filled by 9s.
Click on Deck: Remaining cards put to the Reserve(7-7-3).
Double click:
on the card - sends card to its place,
below the cards - sends cards on their places (first card has to be on foundation),
(For touch devices)near the game field - change zoom.

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